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Want to boost organic growth? Activate dormant users? Acquire happy and active users? Wuzzon can help reach your goals. Reach out for a consultation with one of our growth experts now.

App Store Advertising

Apple Search Ads and Google App Campaigns are not to be missed in any app marketing plan. Both networks consistently score really high on performance versus cost per acquisition. Our direct partnership with both parties makes sure we have the latest knowledge on how to help optimize the algorithms, creatives and bidding strategies. 

Our app growth consultants help you to protect your brand in the app stores and to identify best performing broad keywords. Apple Search Ads and Google App Campaigns are the only way to advertise directly in the app stores and get high intent users to download your app. 

Social App Campaigns

With all extensive targeting options Facebook and other social media platforms are a vital part of any user acquisition and re-engagement strategy.  Using custom audiences and look-alikes will help increase conversion from high quality consumers. Our creatives team builds assets that convert. 

Performance Mobile Marketing

Adding new sources to scale is vital to grow your app. Wuzzons’ Mobile Media Network gives you access to exclusive sources around the globe. Our media buyers take care of all optimizations to reach your kpi’s. The WuzzTrack platform has an anti-fraud solution built in to safeguard your media spend.

Attribution Integration

Measure what matters. No app marketeer can scale without setting the right KPIs for success. Having the right attribution tracking solution in place is usually the first step before starting paid user acquisition. Wuzzon is a certified agency with the top 3 parties. We can help you with requirement analysis for selection, guidance on implementation, defining the right events in the funnel and benchmark your data. 

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Retargeting & Re-engagement

Having a consumer installing your app is step 1. Keeping them engaged is a whole nother level. By using platforms such as Notificare, Leanplum or Clevertap we can use custom audiences and re-engage existing users.

  • Increase in loyalty users
  • Reactivate dormant users
  • Increase LTV


Need to kick start your in-house team? Want to benchmark your apps against the competition. Need help with a plan for launching successfully? Our strategic growth consultants are here to guide you.

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