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How Wuzzon achieved 95% ASO score for ShellGo+ in just 3 months

How Wuzzon achieved 95% ASO score for ShellGo+ in just 3 months

Throughout the year, Wuzzon provided ASO services for various clients to improve the ASO score, including Shell, Anymal, Scoupy, Anymal, iBilly, Glimble and many more. 

With a tailored approach, Wuzzon kickstarted the process with an in-depth intake call, followed by a meticulous analysis of app stores, a comprehensive proposal presentation including a strategic recommendation , and guidance on iOS features and ASO tools. Our competitive analysis benchmarked the organization’s app against up to 5 competitors, while implementation support and post-implementation assessments ensured seamless execution. Through monthly reports, A/B testing, custom product pages, and language-specific reviews, we consistently enhanced Shell Go+ app’s performance. 

During the process, Wuzzon fostered a collaborative environment, engaging in regular communication and analyses. Weekly meetings facilitated the identification of pain points and the implementation of strategic solutions, constantly fine-tuning the process for maximizing ROI. Wuzzon provided comprehensive training on cutting-edge tooling and industry best practices, empowering the enterprise to gain deeper insights into the app growth marketing landscape.

In our ASO services, we integrated AppTweak for measuring success. This tool provided data on the ASO score, a metric reflecting App Store optimization quality. Wuzzon became certified partners of AppTweak to enable the specialists to offer expert ASO services to achieve positive results.

Wuzzon’s relentless focus on App Store Optimization (ASO) for Shell yielded impressive results. The ASO scores in France and Belgium skyrocketed for Shell+ Go, with substantial improvements across various platforms. Android ASO scores in France climbed from 56% to 95%, while iOS scores increased from 69% to 88%. In Belgium, iOS scores jumped from 36% to 88%, and Android scores surged from 31% to 95%. Along with improved category ranking, the process showcased Wuzzon’s commitment to enhancing Shell’s visibility and user acquisition in 6 months.

In just 4 months, Wuzzon partnered with Anymal to increase their ASO scores and ad ranking. On IOS Wuzzon implemented successful strategies across iOS and Android which lead to an increase of 36% in ASO Score and almosnt 50% uplift in Category ranking. Through meticulous optimization of app elements, Anymal’s ASO scores experienced a significant boost. For iOS, the ASO score surged from 47% in September 2021 to an impressive 78% in January 2022. Similarly, for Android, the ASO score saw a surge from 44% to an impressive 85%.

In the case of iBilly, the period of June to December 2022 witnessed substantial ASO progress. ASO scores for iOS surged from 74% to 93%, and for Android, they climbed from 86% to an impressive 95%. Moreover, by implementing Wuzzon’s best practices, iBilly witnessed an impressive leap in ratings – from 2.70 to 4.89 on the Google Play Store, and from 4.00 to 4.51 on the Apple App Store.

Another example of success was for Glimble. Wuzzon implemented custom product pages (CPPs) for unique selling propositions for the App Store and Google Play (for the latter it’s called custom store listings), starting with different travel bundles (which were introduced by Glimble during to cooperation process) focused on different users. Special assets were created by Wuzzon where the USPs were highlighted effectively for this specific target audience. Furthermore, Wuzzon checked thepositioning at the time and changed the metadata to introduce the new bundles to new users, resulting in different custom product pages with different travel bundle descriptions. Through this strategy, new users from different regions were shown personalized app pages with the most interesting and relevant offer. In this example, personalisation proved a huge success.

The ASO scores for both stores (Apple & Google) for Glimble increased to over 95%, and through the use of custom product pages, the conversion rates increased with 100% from click/impression to install. Its app category ranking grew from 180 in Jan 2022 to 25 in Dec 2022.

Through successful implementation of strategic app growth recommendations, we have secured partnerships for multiple years with these partners with plans to expand globally.

Not only has our success led to expansion of partnerships but our team of specialists has also grown to support these wins by 50% since 2022.

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