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How Wuzzon Reached 5x More Downloads With The Same Budget For Shell

How Wuzzon Reached 5x More Downloads With The Same Budget For Shell

How Wuzzon Reached 5x more downloads with the same Budget for Shell


In the dynamic world of mobile applications, the race for user acquisition and growth is fierce. As a specialized app growth company, Wuzzon understands the challenges faced by businesses looking to boost their app’s growth. This blog delves into Wuzzon’s collaboration with Shell, highlighting the challenges encountered, the innovative strategies implemented, and the remarkable results achieved. 

Wuzzon was responsible for maximizing the return on ad spend for the ShellGO+ app in France and Belgium including App Store Optimization , and making sure tracking was set-up correctly for both countries, to be able to measure the ROAS.

About The Shell Mobility And Shell’s Go+ App

Shell Mobility is the shopfront and the face of Shell. At their 46,000 mobility locations worldwide, they interact with millions of customers every day with their mission to make life’s journeys better.

With the Shell Go+ app one can experience quick and contactless payments at the service stations and enjoy savings and rewards every time you visit!

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The Initial Challenge: High Costs And Unclear Metrics

At the outset of their partnership, Wuzzon and Shell faced a common hurdle in the form of high costs per install and registrations. The lack of proper tracking made it difficult to accurately determine the expenses associated with both organic and paid traffic. This knowledge gap posed a significant roadblock in optimizing budget allocation effectively.

What Did Wuzzon Do?

1. Audit Attribution Tracking

For Shell, Wuzzon made sure that the new tracking system was working correctly. Due to the recent iOS updates it is harder to measure conversions for iOS. It is crucial that SKADnetwork settings are set correctly and this was one of the points Wuzzon could land a hand. We also helped find and resolve outstanding issues that were causing discrepancies between Google Ads and the tracking platform. This crucial step allowed Shell to gain comprehensive visibility into the true costs per install and registration, empowering the team to make informed choices for campaign optimization. With accurate metrics, Wuzzon paved the way for improved efficiency and strategic resource allocation.

2. Analyzing And Optimizing Paid Acquisition Channels To Maximize ROI For Meta, Google App Campaigns, And Apple Search Ads

Understanding that different regions require tailored approaches, Wuzzon went the extra mile by analyzing and optimizing channels in Apple Search Ads, Google app campaigns, and Meta. Together we unlocked opportunities for greater return on investment (ROI). The expertise in international app growth ensured that campaigns reached the right audience, resulting in increased installs and registrations at way lower costs

3. A Collaborative Approach: Analysis, Monitoring, And Training

Throughout the partnership, Wuzzon fostered a collaborative environment, engaging in regular communication and analysis with Shell. Weekly meetings facilitated the identification of pain points and the implementation of strategic solutions, constantly fine-tuning the process for maximizing ROI. Wuzzon provided comprehensive training on cutting-edge tooling and industry best practices, empowering the enterprise to gain deeper insights into the app growth marketing landscape.

What Was The Result?

1. Tremendous Cost Reductions Per Registration And Uplift In Volume

The measurable impact of Wuzzon’s strategies became evident through the remarkable decreases in the overall cost per install (CPI) for both Belgium and France. In Belgium, the CPI dropped by a staggering 80.7% Similarly, France witnessed a 50% reduction. These remarkable figures translated to a significant boost in installs, as Wuzzon achieved five times more installs within the same budget.

2. Increased ASO Scores

Moreover, Wuzzon’s relentless focus on App Store Optimization (ASO) yielded impressive results. The ASO scores in France and Belgium skyrocketed, with substantial improvements across various platforms. Android ASO scores in France climbed from 56% to 95%, while iOS scores increased from 69% to 88%. In Belgium, iOS scores jumped from 36% to 88%, and Android scores surged from 31% to 95%. Along with improved category ranking, the process showcased Wuzzon’s commitment to enhancing Shell’s visibility and user acquisition.

Current ASO Scores for the Netherlands, Belgium & France


Screenshot 2023 06 21 at 12.38.55


Screenshot 2023 06 21 at 12.39.23


Through their partnership with Shell, Wuzzon demonstrated their prowess as a specialized app growth company, overcoming initial challenges and implementing innovative strategies to drive remarkable results. By leveraging accurate tracking, expanding channels and optimizing App Store Optimization, Shell achieved substantial cost reductions, increased app rankings, and improved ROI. The collaborative approach and comprehensive analyses ensured a continuous improvement process, leading to a successful app growth journey.

“App Marketing requires a combination of various (new) skills and expertise, with the help of Wuzzon something we integrated, successfully”

Willard van der Leest

Head of Digital Marketing & Media

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