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Learn how Wuzzon utilised performance marketing to increase the active users for bunq from performance network by 48%.

Learn how Wuzzon utilised performance marketing to increase the active users for bunq from performance network by 48%.

bunq Case Study

Who is bunq?

bunq is a Dutch fintech company, also known as a neobank, which means it operates online without physical branches. Founded in 2012, bunq is licensed in the Netherlands and operates in 30 European countries with its headquarters in Amsterdam.

The partnership between Wuzzon and bunq was established in October 2023 to support Market Expansion in Germany – a focal point for the expansion of bunq within Europe as the most rapidly growing market.

Wuzzon put together a performance marketing strategy based on historical data and benchmarking within the fintech industry. 

What were the focal points of the campaign?

  • Focus Markets:
    • Primary: Germany (DE) – bunq aimed to establish a strong presence in this new market.
    • Secondary: Netherlands (NL) – Capitalize on bunq’s existing brand recognition and user base.
  • Performance Network: Wuzzon leveraged its performance network to identify key partners and allocate budgets efficiently.

What did the campaign strategy include?

  • Data-driven approach: Focusing on a specific data entry point* confirmation as a conversion metric to measure success and achieve the goals and targets set for bunq.
  • Market prioritisation: Wuzzon allocated budget strategically, focusing on growing bunq in the German market (DE) while maintaining their Dutch (NL) base.
  • High user interest: Wuzzon implemented and measured in-app metrics like install to click/impression ratio indicated significant user interest to be able to identify areas of opportunity to push performance.
  • Attribution Tracking: Wuzzon prioritised various conversion metrics which ensured a more engaging user base for bunq.
  • Cross-platform success: Wuzzon ran successful cross-promotions for both iOS and Android demonstrating the ability to reach a wider audience with cross platform strategic performance experience and measurement.

What were the results?

  • Rapid Scaling: bunq successfully scaled its user acquisition within two months of initiating the campaign on Wuzzon’s performance network.
  • High User Interest: In-app metrics, such as a strong install to click/impression ratio, indicated significant user interest from the campaign’s launch.
  • Shifting Focus: Recognizing the importance of user engagement, the focus shifted towards driving specific desired user actions. This ensures bunq acquires a more active and engaged user base.


The bunq UA campaign, executed by Wuzzon, demonstrated the effectiveness of a data-driven approach to user acquisition. By focusing on a strategic allocation of resources across key markets and platforms, the campaign achieved significant growth for bunq. The ongoing focus on verified conversions ensures a user base that is not only acquired but also actively engaged with the bunq app.

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