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3 Million Installs

3 Million Installs

3 million app installs

Wuzzon Surpasses 3 Million Installs

We are proud to announce that we have passed 3 million installs (about ⅙ of the Dutch population!) for our clients through our performance network! This number has been measured on the WuzzTrack platform, our in-house tracking platform, which is built by Wuzzon itself to work more efficiently and obtain better data than before.


WuzzTrack has been counting since March 2019 for different clients such as Peaks, Shell, Zalando, Takeaway.com and more. The goal of the platform is to optimize campaigns based on data obtained. This way we don’t only deliver installs but users that convert. Whether our clients goals are registrations, purchases or investments, we optimize the creatives and sources to get the best return on ad spend.

WuzzTrack is equipped with an anti-fraud tool, which is a major advantage for our clients, since unfortunately fraud remains an issue in the performance space. 

WuzzTrack has been measuring installs coming forth from our performance network, which consists of publishers with high quality in app advertising inventory that we have built throughout years that provide our clients with a no-cure, no-pay solution. Three million installs is a vast amount with amazing data and insights on best practices that Wuzzon can utilize for its clients.

Further Growth

The organization’s focus is to improve by investing all its time and resources within the niche of app marketing. When installs come in, Wuzzon is carefully observing the quality and constantly optimizing on the valuable events that come after the first step, such as registrations, purchases and more. WuzzTrack is connected to all major attribution tracking providers or mobile measurement partners, such as Adjust, AppsFlyer and Kochava, allowing us to get real time insights on conversion numbers and quality. 

This number of 3 million is just a part of Wuzzon’s total installs generated, as the platform measures mainly through the performance network and is not including the media buying efforts of our Wuzzon team on channels such as Facebook, Apple Search Ads, Google and TikTok, indicating an even faster growth.

Do you want to effectively grow your mobile app against the best investment and improve ROI? Contact us below to see how a specialized app marketing organization can help you!

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