Welcome to Jasper Greeven, our new App Growth Consultant

Wuzzon gets off to a good start in 2021 with a new employee: Jasper Greeven joined the Wuzzon team as an App Growth Consultant. In January, Jasper has joined the team and will be taking part of our sales team. This way we can grow even faster.

What is the role of Jasper within the Wuzzon team?

Jasper joins the commercial department of Wuzzon. He will be responsible for creating new business opportunities and will function as a business contact for clients and partners of Wuzzon. He will be your partner in making your app grow. 

About Jasper:

Jasper is 25 years old and lives in Utrecht. Jasper studied Sportmarketing and Commercial Economics in Amsterdam, also taking part of an online marketing minor. During his graduation internship he wrote a thesis with the main subjects being: Marketing Automation and the Customer Journey. 

After his graduation Jasper worked as a recruitment consultant at Polanski & Partners in Amersfoort. Jasper wants to combine the experience in sales he gained at Polanski & Partners with his knowledge about online marketing. During vacation time Jasper loves to travel abroad with his backpack. The past years he made some lovely trips to South-East Asia, Latin-America and Africa. 

Time to grow:

After a year where the world has gone through some rough changes, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Wuzzon is ready to turn 2021 into a great year once again. With Jasper as App Growth Consultant, Wuzzon is ready to create a playing field for all app marketeers. 

Some welcoming words from Jasper:

“I’m looking forward to acquiring some cool clients to complement our already great network of clients. I want to be your partner in making your app grow”

Get in contact with Jasper in the following ways:

E-mail: jasper@wuzzon.com

Mobile: +31634472273