Onboarding (new) Samsung users

Millions of smartphones are sold every day worldwide, which means that there is a very large audience for mobile app marketing. In the first steps of activating their new phone, consumers set up their demographics that enables them to be effectively advertised to. Our platform offers a great opportunity for apps that want to grow and acquire/activate Samsung users.

About our Samsung user platform

Samsung is a leading Android device. New and existing users log in via their Samsung account and enter an onboarding flow in which they have the option to transfer apps to their new device through a(n) (existing) Samsung account where they are shown suggested apps from our tooling. This platform offers the possibility here to advertise an app to a user so that the app will be installed directly on their new device.


The platform gives you the option to (as one of the first apps) be shown to relevant users when they unpack and set up their phone for the first time. Integrated in more than 1 billion devices and active in 80 countries, the platform gives you the opportunity to reach a broad target group. Based on demographics, AI and machine learning, your app is shown to the most relevant possible users.

Our platform not only allows you to be shown when users first open their phone, but also on software updates and throughout the device’s lifecycle. Finally, you can reach new trade-in users.

This platform is available for all new Samsung phones, but also internationally on phones from major providers such as Vodafone and Orange.

With the platform it is possible to target on:

  • Country
  • Gender
  • Age groups
  • Device type

You can integrate this platform with all important tooling, think about integration with your attribution tracking partner.

Why choose our Samsung user platform?

  1. Reducing acquisition costs
  2. Growing & scaling your Android app
  3. Diversifying the user acquisition strategy
  4. Obtain quality users, who become a long-term user
  5. Users who are less ad sensitive can be targeted well
  6. Good insights and targeting options by age and interest level
  7. Advertising to an enthusiastic user who starts up the Samsung device for the first time

What differentiates this platform from other advertisement platforms?

Android users are known for not being ad-sensitive, so iOS users are targeted more often, but this can become costly. This platform ensures that this is compensated by advertising in an innovative way by engaging this difficult target group.

Our platform bypasses the Google Play Store, it has a different attribution model than other SRNs (Self Reporting Networks such as Google App Campaigns, Apple Search Ads and Facebook). This makes it necessary to take a different look at the results. This campaign works best when it is on for a longer period of time and the focus is placed on user retention. It’s not a sprint, but a marathon where you get more in return over a longer period of time.

How can Wuzzon help you with the Samsung user platform?

Wuzzon determines the KPIs and objectives together with you. Based on this, we set up the campaigns and provide an analysis with insights into the performance of your campaign so that you can view all the important events and get the best ROI from your campaigns through optimization.

Are you ready to look together at what our platform can do for your (upcoming) app? Or do you want to explore other growth opportunities? Contact us below: