When conducting an app marketing strategy, it is useful to utilizing different channels to see where the most valuable clients are and which channel brings you the best ROI. Programmatic is a service offered through a platform that targets unique users within apps that are usually not targeted through regular channels. These users could be the ones with the highest customer lifetime value.

Why Programmatic?

Whenever it comes to acquiring users, you should be getting the most out of your marketing campaigns and utilize the best channels. Programmatic could be helpful for example when you’re stuck with certain channels and growth is stagnating. It is an excellent service that can help you achieve your goals.

Our Programmatic service does not just only acquire users, but also focuses on those users that are most likely to engage in events within the app. What happens after the install is important, and within the high volume of the audience (almost 1 billion users!) the best customers get targeted through machine learning and predictive algorithms that optimize on the highest quality traffic during its time of learning.

Why Programmatic with Wuzzon?

With our 15 years of experience within the mobile marketing industry, we can help you acquire (and activate engagement of) high-quality customers, and through Programmatic we can target a large audience that is usually not targeted through conventional channels.

Goals can be set together with Wuzzon, this could be for example what creatives are needed and when they should be applied. The algorithm adjusts to this and together we can work towards a positive return on investment.

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