Google Play Store Optimization

Users are overwhelmed within the Google Play Store with different apps. New apps are added every day, but how does your app stand out? Google Play Store optimization is the way to beat your competitors. Our specialists find the best keywords and other data so that your app is easier to find, resulting in higher positions and more visitors. How fast do you want to grow?

What is Google Play Store optimization?

Google Play Store optimization is also called ASO Google Play Store. It can be compared to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which means website optimization. In doing so, you make a website easier to find. We do the same for your app. This ensures better positions in the Google Play Store, so you can attract more and better visitors.

For this we look for the right keywords that match your app, then we optimize the metadata and advertisements of your app. In this way we improve the visibility and the conversion rate. Is that unclear to you? We mean people do not just click on your app, you are actually going to generate more Android app downloads.

Why ASO Google Play Store is a good investment

The success of your app largely depends on the “findability” of your app. ASO marketing makes this possible because it increases visibility in the Google Play Store. Like Apple, the Google Play Store uses an algorithm, for example, to register the services offered by your app. These algorithms differ from each other and are constantly changing. Our Google Store optimization specialist knows how to respond to the Google Play Store. This way we get maximum results from your App Store Optimization.

What you also achieve is higher positions on the Search Engine Results Page (the SERP) with the relevant keywords that we have carefully chosen. When visitors enter certain keywords in the Google Play Store, your app will be shown. You will also appear in the ‘recommended app’ sections in similar apps. This is very valuable, because about 80% of Android app downloads come from keyword searches in the app store. Thus, a good reason to start with ASO Google Play for your app.

To conclude: with Google Play Store optimization, you are significantly more likely to be found through searches in the Google Play Store. That leads to more consumers visiting your app, but you do not have to spend more money on ads. In the long run, this saves you a lot of costs for Android app marketing.

This is what we do

If you want to be successful with Google Play Store optimization, it is important to properly determine your target audience, just like the relevant keywords. Our specialists will analyze this for you, so that you do not have to worry about it. We then optimize your app using the AppTweak analysis tool. Together with you, we look at what it takes to increase the ASO score of your app.

When you work with us, you get the following:

  • comprehensive keyword analysis for the Google Play Store.
  • Competition analysis to find out what your competitors are doing.
  • Metadata suggestions so you can use all the metadata options of the Google Play Store.
  • Tips and tricks for better reviews and higher ratings.
  • The latest knowledge to create better ads that make generating Android app downloads a lot easier.
  • Practical advice every month based on the results of the previous month.

Pros Google Play Store optimization at Wuzzon

  • Grow at the best investment. It is always nice for you to save costs.
  • We do it together. We do what we do best, but you are in control.
  • Hungry for more. The journey of your app is endless: every day we look at how you can rank even better.
  • Always on the hunt for smiles. Happy app users are our final goal. They put a smile on your face and give us a cheerful team at the office.

Growing with ASO agency Wuzzon

Do you want to attract Android users and stand out with your app? Talk to our ASO marketing specialists and look together for growth opportunities, they’ll tell you exactly how you can beat your competitors. Feel free to contact us or request a free ASO marketing quick scan.

Meanwhile, our ASO consultants will make you happy with even more info about Android and Google App Store optimization. Our blogs are full of them!