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Empowering Growth: Wuzzon, Your Specialized App Growth Agency

Introduction In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, companies across industries are realizing the immense potential of mobile applications to engage with their target audience effectively. However, achieving sustainable growth in the highly competitive app market requires expertise, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of user acquisition and engagement. With a proven track record of success and […]

Wuzzon en Mixpanel: Het versterken van Product-Led Growth door middel van Data-inzichten

Introduction In de competitieve digitale wereld streven bedrijven ernaar om voorop te blijven door datagedreven strategieën toe te passen om hun producten en diensten te optimaliseren. Wuzzon, een gerenommeerd leider in app-groei, heeft een significante stap gezet door een gecertificeerde partner te worden van Mixpanel, een geavanceerd productanalyseplatform. Deze samenwerking heeft als doel om de […]

Wuzzon and Mixpanel: Empowering Product-Led Growth through Data Insights

Introduction In today’s competitive digital landscape, businesses strive to stay ahead by employing data-driven strategies to optimize their products and services. Wuzzon, a renowned leader in app growth, has taken a significant step forward by becoming a certified partner of Mixpanel, a cutting-edge product analytics platform. This partnership aims to provide Wuzzon’s clients with enhanced […]

Why outsourcing app marketing to an agency is a smart choice

Introduction In today’s digital world, developing and launching an app is not enough to achieve success. A solid app growth strategy is essential to bring the app to the attention of the right audience and ensure its popularity and usage grow. But who should take on this crucial task? Many companies consider doing it in-house […]

Wuzzon Roundtable 2023

Wuzzon Roundtable 2023 The 5th edition of the App Marketing Roundtable, hosted by Wuzzon and Adjust, in partnership with Purchasely and Clevertap, was a huge success! The event, which took place on March 15th, 2023, brought together top leaders in the app marketing industry to share insights, challenges, and opportunities. With a maximum of 8 […]

3 Million Installs

Wuzzon Surpasses 3 Million Installs We are proud to announce that we have passed 3 million installs (about ⅙ of the Dutch population!) for our clients through our performance network! This number has been measured on the WuzzTrack platform, our in-house tracking platform, which is built by Wuzzon itself to work more efficiently and obtain […]

Working remotely 

How to manage a remote business

Working remotely When the pandemic started in 2020 it had a big impact on everyone’s day to day life. Suddenly most people started working from home, this applied to Wuzzon as well. During the pandemic we discovered that working from home has its benefits for some, which include working more efficiently, and having more free […]

15 tips to increase your app growth in 2022

With over 15 years of experience this April, Wuzzon wants to share some of their excitement by sharing knowledge. Here’s to 15 years of app marketing experience, and the learnings we gained. Cheers!  1. Optimize your App visibility in the App Stores Would you build a strong house on a rusty foundation? Then don’t throw […]

Welcome to Tim van den Beld our new Campaign manager

Wuzzon has a new colleague! After the team expansion with Rosa Troelstra and Moaz Elias, Tim van den Beld will join our team. Tim is 22 years old and lives in Hoofddorp. He studies Commercial Economics at the Hogeschool Leiden. At Wuzzon, he is going to work as a Campaign Manager and will also be […]

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