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Wuzzon is expanding!

Wuzzon is expanding

The marketing department of Wuzzon has recruited two new Campaign Managers! Wuzzon has been growing rapidly and is very excited to welcome our two latest recruits to the Wuzzon team. As Campaign Managers, they will be working on starting up new campaigns and the optimization of current campaigns! 

About Marc:

Marc de Jong

Marc is 26 years old and lives in Leeuwarden. Marc has studied International Business & Management Studies and has lived in South Korea for a while. In South Korea, Marc finished his studies and spent some time working as a marketeer. Through his experiences, he acquired a lot of knowledge regarding marketing, data analytics and managing different cultures, which allows him to detect new opportunities quickly. 

After Marc returned to the Netherlands he found himself looking for a challenge where not only he, but the company he would end up at would grow as well. A place where he could put his built knowledge to good use, with a long lasting future in mind. Marc is a very competitively oriented individual which shows in his leisure activities, but also in his work. Marc also likes to experience new things as often as possible, although an old familiar day of relaxation is always appreciated.

“When Wuzzon crossed my path, I was immediately sold. All of Wuzzon’s principles matched my own, and it seemed like a very close and well-functioning team with very interesting projects being worked on. I knew I wanted to be a part of this team right away”

About Max:

Max Turland

Max is 20 years old and was born in Amsterdam. After his Marketing & Communications study he worked as a model in various cities in Europe. Max also lived in some cities he worked in.This has been a time where Max developed a lot on different levels. Max is currently pursuing a Applied Psychology bachelor and has a lot of passion for fashion and art. He is a very driven person who loves a challenge, if it’s up to Max he would work-out everyday. 

‘’Im looking forward to optimize and setting up campaigns for clients, I also want to specialize myself in App Search Optimisation. I think it is very important to always keep an eye on for new opportunities in the digital marketing world.’’

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10 things you should know about iOS14

10 Things you should know about iOS14 and the SKAdNetwork

Within the mobile app industry, the privacy changes that Apple wants to implement with the iOS 14 update have been the talk of the day for some time. Below is an overview of the eight most important things you need to know.

1. What changes with iOS14?

Once the update has been carried out, the so-called advertiser ID or IDFA is only shared with the apps and underlying software if the user explicitly gives permission for this. Similar to the cookie legislation, you as a user can now only be “tracked” if you consent to this via the pop-up prompt.


2. What is IDFA

This IDFA is a personal identifier that is now used, for example, by free apps with an advertising revenue model to show you relevant advertisements based on your previous clicks or behavior in the app. In addition, it is also used by app marketing companies such as Wuzzon to measure through which banner or source a user downloads an app to improve campaign results.

3. SKAdNetwork

As an app owner, if you still want to promote your app, the introduction of iOS 14 will have consequences for optimizing your campaigns. One of the solutions is to prepare your app to implement SKAdNetwork. SKAdNetwork is how Apple makes it possible to provide anonymous insight into the effectiveness of your campaigns, without being able to measure this at an individual level. The IDFA is then no longer necessary.

4. Wuzzon’s SKAdnetwork

Wuzzon is one of the first parties in the Netherlands to have its own SKAdnetwork. For example, with the new privacy rules from Apple in iOS 14, we can still provide insight into where the installs of our app advertisers come from. We can optimize the campaign for the right type of users and measure which creatives work best. As a certified agency partner, Wuzzon also works closely with the existing attribution networks, such as Adjust, Appsflyer, Branch

5. When will iOS14 take effect?

This is still not entirely certain, but it now seems to be happening very quickly. The latest update iOS 14.5 beta has all the settings as described earlier. After it was delayed earlier in the late summer of 2020 to give the industry more time to prepare, it now appears to go live mid-March.

6.Should I ask the user to opt ​​in?

To check this, it is useful to investigate whether and, if so, for what purpose you are currently using IDFA. If your app has a revenue model with advertisements, it is very likely that you use the IDFA to maximize your advertising revenue and show the right advertisement to the right user. When as an app publisher you have multiple apps under your company, IDFA is often used for cross promotion. Then it is useful to have insight into this to determine the impact.

If you find out that you are not using IDFA at all, it may be advisable to wait (for now) before requesting the opt-in. After the introduction, you can see what the rest of the industry will do and learn from the best practices.

7. Increasing the percentage of opt-ins

If you do want to request the opt in, it is important to make the percentage as high as possible. You can do this in several ways. In any case, only ask for the opt-in if the user has a “happy” moment in your app and trusts the app. You can also use mobile CRM tools such as Leanplum, Clevertap and Airship to dress up the screens before the actual Apple prompt. Make sure to include why you ask this. A / B testing with these messaging flows can almost double the percentage of opt-ins for iOS 14

8. How about Google, Facebook and other ad networks

If you promote your iOS app via Google, Facebook or other networks, you will probably notice impact. The number of different campaigns is limited and the data you get back from the conversions is minimal. Where you could previously optimize on various in-app events, you will now have to make choices. This is because they also only receive conversion data from Apple via SKAdnetwork and this is less detailed than before. Facebook even has a real fitty with Apple about this.

9. What are the possible obstacles with SKAdNetwork?

Apple’s SKAdNetwork is currently still in development and therefore has limited possibilities. Although the implementation of the required code in the app is not complicated, certain things will go differently than before. For example, a signal can only be sent back once to the SKAdNetwork per app install. The amount of data that can be sent with the install is very limited.

10. How to use the SKAdNetwork to its full potential?

To use the SKAdNetwork to its full potential, one must have a clear picture in advance of the in-app events that are most important to the core business of the app. The SKAdNetwork will have a waiting time of 24 hours before the signal is fired from the app to Apple’s SKAdNetwork. Careful consideration must be given to which data is available and which data can be sent in those 24 hours. In addition, it is also possible to extend those 24 hours and wait until more data is available.

If you would like to know more about the impact that the introduction of iOS 14 has on your app, please contact one of our app growth consultants for a free consultation.

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Introduction to Jasper

Welcome to Jasper Greeven, our new App Growth Consultant

Wuzzon gets off to a good start in 2021 with a new employee: Jasper Greeven joined the Wuzzon team as an App Growth Consultant. In January, Jasper has joined the team and will be taking part of our sales team. This way we can grow even faster.

What is the role of Jasper within the Wuzzon team?

Jasper joins the commercial department of Wuzzon. He will be responsible for creating new business opportunities and will function as a business contact for clients and partners of Wuzzon. He will be your partner in making your app grow. 

About Jasper:

Jasper is 25 years old and lives in Utrecht. Jasper studied Sportmarketing and Commercial Economics in Amsterdam, also taking part of an online marketing minor. During his graduation internship he wrote a thesis with the main subjects being: Marketing Automation and the Customer Journey. 

After his graduation Jasper worked as a recruitment consultant at Polanski & Partners in Amersfoort. Jasper wants to combine the experience in sales he gained at Polanski & Partners with his knowledge about online marketing. During vacation time Jasper loves to travel abroad with his backpack. The past years he made some lovely trips to South-East Asia, Latin-America and Africa. 

Time to grow:

After a year where the world has gone through some rough changes, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Wuzzon is ready to turn 2021 into a great year once again. With Jasper as App Growth Consultant, Wuzzon is ready to create a playing field for all app marketeers. 

Some welcoming words from Jasper:

“I’m looking forward to acquiring some cool clients to complement our already great network of clients. I want to be your partner in making your app grow”

Get in contact with Jasper in the following ways:


Mobile: +31634472273

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Offical Google Partner

Official Google Ads Partner

Wuzzon has been a proud performer and consultant on Google Ad Campaigns for a few years, with specialisation in Google App Campaigns. Thus, it cannot be more than natural that they recently qualified for the Google Partner badge. While most digital marketing managers may know and use Google Ads for their Search, Video, Display, and Shopping advertising, Wuzzon campaign managers have thrown themselves into the App Campaigns, with terrific results.

Google ads partner badge

Google Partner Badge

With positive experiences in Google Ads, with primarily Android based campaigns, Wuzzon campaign managers have remained on top of the ins and outs of the constantly innovating Google Ads, formerly known as Universal App Campaigns. As an app marketing agency, they focus completely on the possibilities that lie within the app campaigns, but have proven their knowledge on all digital platforms in Google Ads by passing the partnership requirements as Google Partners in the Google Skillshop.

What does Google Ads Partner mean for Wuzzon?

This means that Wuzzon is on the right track, and remaining on top of the changes and new possibilities within the Google Ads platform. Since the certificate is only valid for a year, the campaign management team must prove themselves again next year, and continue to stay informed in all the newest opportunities within the Google network.

google ads partner

Wuzzon as Certified Google Ads Partner

The campaign managers at Wuzzon are all familiar with setting up, optimizing, and improving Google Ad Campaigns. While the app campaign possibilities are perhaps more limited than the web campaign opportunities, we know the best practises to improve the conversion ratio for turning an impression into a download, and targeting valuable users with a ROI. This gives us a head start on new campaigns for the algorithm to grow on, and grants us new insights through lots of A/B testing.

We’ll be showing off our new shiny badge amongst our other credentials on the homepage. 

Next Steps: Google Partner Premium. Stay tuned for more development!

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Increasing Organic Traffic in App Stores With App Store Optimization

Increasing Organic Traffic in App Stores With App Store Optimization

Just as SEO increases the likelihood of someone arriving at your website, the implementation of ASO has a hugely positive impact on the visibility of your app in the App Stores. Through simple changes in the metadata of your app, the creatives (such as app icon, screenshots, and promotional video), and improving your reviews and rating, your ASO score can increase dramatically. 

The App Store algorithm, which programs the apps that are shown in the results pages of a user’s search query, need information in order to match an app correctly with the search requests of the user. The more accurate information they have available to them through ASO, the more likely they are to place the app high in the Search Engine Results Page for a similar query. This can thus increase an app’s organic downloads through search engines, as well as conversion ratios by 25%.

Since 50% of app downloads in the Apple App Store come from search queries, App Store Optimization can have a huge effect on the amount of organic app downloads, and thus cut User Acquisition costs.

Increasing Organic Traffic with App Store Optimization

Increasing the amount of organic traffic does not only send you quality downloads, but also increases the so-called App Power, or strength of the app in the App Stores. While user engagement and other features also play a role in determining the rank of an app in the App Stores, many of these factors receive a huge boost through App Store Optimization, and lead to an increase in the overall ranking of the app in the App Stores. Furthermore, the higher the app power and keywords rankings go up, the more likely the app is to show up in the “relevant for you” section in higher ranking apps.

The top 100 apps in an App Store category generally have to rank for at least 65 keywords. Of these 65 ranked keywords, the app has to rank at #1 for at least 7 keywords, and #2 and #3 for at least 10 keywords.

Including App Store Optimization with other app campaigns such as Apple Search Ads or Google Ads can also lower the chances of cannibalization, higher costs, and paying for low engagement user downloads.

So why isn’t everyone using App Store Optimization?

App Store Optimization takes time,a lot of A/B testing, and is different for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It’s not a favourable one-time fix, but an ongoing process. Furthermore, while it positively influences the app’s visibility in both App Stores, the effect of increasing the visibility in the app is not easily quantifiable, nor are the effects easily measurable. However, through extensive analysis and A/B testing on certain keywords and creatives, an app owner can be 100% certain to increase their chances in the App Stores. 

With all the competition and amount of apps in the App Stores, increasing an app’s ranking and visibility is a challenge on it’s own, but without App Store Optimization, almost impossible to maintain.

This is why App Store Optimization is not a one-time improvement, but an ongoing analysis of:

  • fluctuation of the search volume of keywords in each App Store
  • placement of high search volume keywords in the metadata
  • competition and ranking of high search volume keywords
  • density of keywords in the metadata (for Android only)
  • use of keywords in the Keyword Field (for iOS only)
  • keyword rankings of competitors
  • reviews and ratings
  • seasonal influences
  • new competition influences
  • Apple Search Ads and Google App campaigns

Even though it is important, App Store Optimisation is a long process, with a lot of testing and analysis, and thus, not for everyone. This is why Wuzzon has an inhouse ASO specialist, with all the know-how of optimising apps in the App Stores.

Interested in how App Store Optimization can improve your visibility and thus organic traffic in the App Stores?