Why app growth consultancy?

App marketing is knowledge-intensive, the changes are lightning fast and that is why it can be difficult to stay informed of all possibilities and to implement everything properly. Wuzzon helps you to grow efficiently based on your current situation. Our app growth consultant takes you through the roadmap to grow your app.

As the Dutch specialized app marketing agency, one of our core brand promises is never accepting the status quo, where there is knowledge and a hunger for more through continuous training. We can make that knowledge accessible to your company. Both on the marketing side, the product analytics side and technical support for implementations of SDKs for mobile attribution, mobile engagement and product analytics.

How can Wuzzon help you as an app growth consultancy partner?

The process starts with an analysis of the current situation, followed by steps to be taken. Together we look for a plan for growth, should that be regarding acquisition through optimization of channels, improvement in measurability or other important insights. Where do you obtain valuable users? What are the best channels for your app? Are you able to obtain valuable users but have low conversions and returns? The questions can range from the quality of the user acquisition to problems within the app. We provide you with insights on how to improve your conversions so that you obtain the most valuable app users with the highest lifetime value. This also indicates targeting (old) users where your messaging strategy will be set in such a way that you can build on personal communication with those users and make them come back more often.

Why let Wuzzon take care of this?

We are the app marketing agency in the Netherlands. Withing this niche, no other company has as much in-house knowledge as Wuzzon. We are the specialist, with experience in different verticals such as fintech, e-commerce and mobility. With our 15 years of existence we want to improve our expertise every day. Your success is our success.

How do I grow my app effectively through app growth consultancy?

On a side note, we are continuously gaining experience with apps that have a subscription model. This leads to valuable insights on the different models of revenue (types of subscriptions) where we can optimize and scale on. Check out our blog on the 4 phases of optimizing subscription apps! For all kinds of apps we look through data for the most valuable users and help you grow against the best investment.

Find out below how Wuzzon can help your app grow through app growth consultancy: