About Us

Wuzzon is the market leader when it comes to App Marketing agencies in the Netherlands. We were founded in 2007 by Brigitta Schlumpf and Louise Verschuren. Over the past few years we have grown to a small hardworking team and gathered clients like Wehkamp, Glimble and Peaks. 

Meet the Team

Happy to introduce you to our stellar team of app marketing specialists, at your service. Our team strives for maximum results and ultimate service. Our in-house specialists not only focus on creativity and conversion, but they also have passion for their work. A smile on your face is their greatest reward! We will gladly place our team at your disposal. We are a perfect link between advertisers and publishers. Want to know how our specialists can help you? All you have to do is ask!

Brigitta Schlumpf
Louise Verschuren
Ruud Beentjes
Justin Westerveld
Nick Donath
Full Stack Developer
Moaz Elias
App Growth Consultant
Marc de Jong
Campaign Manager
We’re hiring!
Mobile Performance Marketing consultant

About Us





Wuzzon is always on the hunt for smiles. Our BHAG is to reach 1 billion smiles before 2030. In the industry of app marketing, it is important to realize that we are not working with machines, but with people. We are the connection between the advertisers and its consumers. Advertisers want their consumers to become happy from the app they offer, we want to be in-between to make every party happy. Our drive at Wuzzon is to make our clients, consumers and publishers happy. A personal approach with an intrinsic value of doing it in the right way. When we select advertisers, we pick companies that make the lives of their customers easier or makes them happy.  

Did we make you smile? Give us one here. 

Core Values

At Wuzzon we strongly believe that core values matter. These values are a guide on how we work and align with our higher purpose. In Dutch these are our 5 V’s, which we have translated to the acronym FIRTH in English. FIRTH stands for 

Freedom: Freedom brings out the best in everyone and creates room for personal development. Freedom also offers us the room to be creative, without restrictions and regulations

Improvement: Since Wuzzon is a company in an ever expanding and innovating market, it is important to keep growing and learning. We always challenge the status quo and look how we can improve 1% every day. 

Responsibility: We fully understand that we, as a marketing performance agency, have quite a few responsibilities: sensitive personal data, properly working links, quality control, promotional timing, email quality, and so on. We take this, together with the GDPR, extremely seriously.

Trust: We say what we do and so what we say. We value trust in every relationship, help each other out, and are not afraid to ask for help.

Happiness: Last but certainly not least, is happiness. Wuzzon is a company that loves positivity. We work from a positive perspective, and think in opportunities instead of problems. Our journey to reach 1 billion smiles does not only apply to consumers, advertisers, and publishers, but also to our employees.

Accreditations & Awards

Previous winner of Dragon’s Den and listed in TheNextWomen100, the Emerce top 100 best e-businesses, FD Gazellen and the NL’s only certified Adjust Agency. We are proud to add these to the other awards and nominations we have acquired along the way. Furthermore, Wuzzon is granted the DDMA’s Guaranteed Privacy Label, meaning we adhere to the strictest of privacy protection legislation.