Wuzzon Roundtable Aftermovie

On Thursday 24 May the first roundtable event since COVID for app marketing was set up. On this day, professionals from various brands came together to talk about their goals and challenges regarding mobile marketing. Insights and opportunities came forth from inspiring conversations which were followed at the end of the day by networking over food and drinks.

The event was hosted by Wuzzon, Adjust, and Braze, all three experts on various parts of the app marketing ecosystem. Wuzzon is a specialized app marketing agency that helps companies grow their apps against the best investment, Adjust is a mobile attribution platform that helps marketers make data-driven decisions needed to grow their app, and Braze is a customer engagement platform that promotes customer-centric interactions between consumers and brands in real-time

The focus of the app marketing roundtable discussion

The conversations ranged broadly across different topics. For example, some discussions were regarding the newest iOS updates, data attribution, and personalizing in-app messaging and advertisements. All these topics came down to one main question that everyone has: how does my app acquire and activate users to grow? Everyone had their own views on this aspect which brought forth inspirations and new ways for others to overcome this challenge. Check out our blog for tips on how to increase your app growth in 2022.

Future and upcoming mobile marketing roundtable events

Wuzzon is looking forward to planning the next roundtable where the newest features can be discussed, such as custom product pages and custom store listings, Google Sandbox privacy updates, and other new app marketing trends.

See below for the aftermovie of the event:

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