Wuzzon & Blox App Growth Awards finalists 2021

November was an exciting month for us as Wuzzon had been selected as the finalist for the title of best financial app campaign 2021 for Europe’s biggest app growth event: The App Growth Awards! The campaign was executed for Blox in which Wuzzon demonstrated outstanding results within the fintech app industry. Due to the efficient cooperation of the two organizations Blox has grown to be the number one crypto app in the Netherlands and Belgium, having secured over 350,000 users with massive amounts of trades.


Blox is a cryptocurrency app that simplifies the process of buying, selling and managing personal crypto’s. The app is known for its easy, fast, and safe use (tested on multiple grandparents). This makes it suitable for beginners as Blox’s mission is to make crypto accessible for everyone.


Wuzzon was appointed upon launch of the app as the dedicated app marketing partner that formulated and executed an effective marketing and growth strategy. Through valuable cooperation, both defined the KPIs for metrics throughout the entire user journey.

Based on Blox’s business model, Wuzzon calculated lifetime values for different segments of users and found the desired manner for return on ad spend. By integrating Adjust as the attribution tracking partner, we were able to procure and analyse data effectively across the media mix.

Blox’s marketing team invested deeply in above the line advertisement campaigns to build brand awareness and trust, whilst Wuzzon’s team built on this with a layer of performance marketing, managing Apple Search Ads, programmatic media buying, and Wuzzon’s in-house performance ad network. With the highly fluctuating market conditions for crypto, followed by the famous tweets of Elon Musk, the industry proved to be highly unpredictable, keeping both parties on their toes. In accordance with the swift changes, the teams developed a set of alerts in order to act immediately to the constantly changing conditions.


There is a high degree of competition in the fintech industry. According to the Adjust Mobile App Trends 2021, the average user currently has 2.5 finance apps installed on their mobile phone. Global app payments reached $1.390 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $1.680 billion in 2021 within the industry. This indicates that the market for fintech is increasing with a higher demand for this industry.

Wuzzon specializes in working with these fintech apps. Having clients within this industry such as Peaks and Bunq provide Wuzzon the knowledge and experience to conduct the mobile marketing activities in the right manner for these financial applications to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals through close cooperation.

For cryptocurrency applications, the demand is higher when market prices increase, and both parties (Wuzzon & client) aspire to maximize the benefits and scale ad spend in those periods. This works both ways; as even in low market moments it is vital that the companies maintain a steady flow of new users and keep the current users properly engaged, though different metrics apply. Balancing these conditions makes managing marketing an enticing challenge that befits the market.


Through effort from both parties, Blox achieved significant results, some of them mentioned below:

  • Blox has grown to be the number one crypto app in the Netherlands and Belgium, having secured over 350,000 users with massive amounts of trades.
  • Blox now ranks in the top 10 of the finance category, resulting in the app being in between the top consumer bank apps. 
  • Throughout the last year the Blox app generated over half a million installs with conversion rates from install to active users over 50%. 
  • The ASO score increased to over 90%, and the increased keyword visibility with 259%. 

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